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Steel Pallet Racks


Price: 4,500,000₫

- Size: W1000mmxL2500mmxH3500mm
- Pallet size: 1000mmx1200mm
- Total rack: 1
- Total Pallet: 6 Pallets (Included ground level)

01: Footbase
02: Upright 100x75x2.0mm
03: Distance piece: U41x25x1.2mm
04: 2C beam 140x45x1.8mm
05: Supporting cross beam U41x41x1.5mm

Color of Goods:
- Upright sets is powder coating: Blue
- Beams, cross beam is powder coating: Orange

Max load:
- 1500kg/pallet size 1000mmx1200mm (lifted up by 1000mm side)
- 3000kg/tier/2 beams