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Drive In Racking System


Price: 6,300,000₫

Drive in rack, size: W1520mmxL3150mmxH3200mm
- Pallet size: 1000mmx1200mm
- Total rack: 1 rack
- Total pallet: 6 pallets (included ground level)
- Total rail level: 1 rail level + 1 on ground
01. Footbase
02. Upright 100x75x2.0mm
03. Distance piece U41x25x1.2mm
04 Bracing U41x41x1.5mm
05. Upper double beam U41x41x15mm
06. Upper distance piece U41x25x1.2mm
07. Behind distance piece U41x25x1.2mm
08. Rail line
09. Rail Arm
Color of Goods:
- Upright sets is powdered coating : blue
- Rail sets, Upper distance sets, behind distance set is powdered coating: Orange
Max load:
- 1000kg/pallet size 1000mmx1200mmx1200mm (lifted up by 1200mm side)