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Workstation STRONG 5+1, Vinyl


Price: 11,500,000₫

Tủ chứa công cụ đẩy bằng tay/bàn làm việc di động bao gồm 3 mã hàng khác nhau.

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 Identification: Tool trolley 5+1 Vinyl

Table top (mm) : L945 x W595 x D27
Breadth mm: 1025
Depth mm: 600
Height mm: 900
Weight kg: 97
Capcity in kg per drawer: 40
Total capacity in kg: 600
Wheel diameter x width mm: 130x40

Our range of portable mobile tool trolleys/work benches contains three different models. The mobile tool trolleys/work benches have a working surface of vinyl and four strong wheels, two of which swivel and have brakes and another two are fixed. The trolley can be equipped with a extension kit (Item No 74040).
Both trolleys are supplied with individual drawer restraints.
The drawers are fitted with ball bearings and are 100% telescopic.
Drawer height: 1x200, 4x100