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Pack Table Complete Set For Worktable 2000mm


Price: 11,781,000₫

Pack table set for worktable

Artno: 4035074324

Suitable for worktables 4230074304
Cutting width 1,300 mm
NOTE: Packing material is not included.

Width: 1425 mm

Height: 1490 mm

-          Ral Blue 5005, Grey 7038

Stable worktable

Artno: 4230074304

Worktable with manual height adjustment of between
720 and 970 mm. perfectly adapted for minor assembly
20-mm-thick table top of light grey laminate.
Maximum load of 150 kg evenly distributed over the
surface of the table.

Ral Grey 7438

Identification: Stable Worktable 20
Width mm: 2000
Depth mm: 800
Min. height mm: 720
Max height mm: 970